1. General
We will be glad to accept your order in writing or by telephone. When submitting a written order please use our order forms which you can either mail or telefax us. Our offers are subject to changes. Orders are binding for us as soon as we have confirmed them or furnished you with the goods.

2. Delivery and Forwarding
Delivery of our goods will be effected from factory against cash on delivery (COD), advance payment or credit card. Prices are quoted including packaging but excluding forwarding charges. Return delivery will be on account of the buyer. In order to avoid unnecessary charges, we kindly ask you to inform us of return delivery of the goods. Dispatch will be effected without insurance at the risk of the buyer. We will do our utmost to consider the wishes of our customers regarding transportation. Extra charges caused through this will be charged to the buyer.

3. Payment
The purchase price of our delivered goods is principally charged cash on delivery, by advance payment or by credit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa Card, Eurocard and American Express.

4. Force Majeure
In case of Force Majeure - meaning circumstances that cannot be prevented inspite of proper management - contract duties will rest for the duration of the disturbance and the extent of its effect. Delays of more than six weeks, entitle both sides to repudiate from the concerned points of the contract. Further claims cannot be layed.

5. Warranty
All information concerning suitability, processing and application of our goods as well as technical advice are given to the best of our knowledge but do not free the buyer from examining the goods immediately upon receipt regarding their condition and application. Otherwise the goods will be regarded as approved. Complaints have to be made within seven days after receipt - hidden defects may be claimed in writing up until six months after receipt. Our guarantee obligation is restricted to either replacement, reduction, change or repair depending on our evaluation.

6. Claim for Compensation
As far as legally permitted our compensation claim obligation, no matter what legal reason, is restricted to the value of the delivered goods involved in the damage causing event. This is only in force, as long as we are unrestricted liable under binding legal regulation because of intent or gross negligence. We would like to point out that danger of injuries may arise with improper use of our tools. We therefore kindly ask you to carefully study the instructions and production manual enclosed with our tools.

7. Reservation of Property Rights
The sold goods remain our property until the full sales price negotiated in our contract has been paid. The exertion of reservation of property rights does not mean a withdrawal from the sales contract. The buyer has to inform us immediately in case of access to the goods owned by us by a third party, this also applies for claims. The buyer is authorized to dispose of the bought goods in a proper business manner. As a security the claims arising from the resale to a third party are to be transferred to us immediately by the buyer up to the amount of our selling price. The buyer is authorized to collect the claims arisen from resale of the goods to a third party for settlement of our invoice until his payment to us is cancelled or stopped.

8. Place where the contract is to be fulfilled and Court of Jurisdiction
Place where the contract is to be fulfilled is the respective place of dispatch of the goods, the same applies for payment. If the buyer is a full trader or a legal entity of public law any legal case arising from our contract shall be heard in Hamburg.

Please keep children away from all tools and machines!